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  1. Company Representatives Name: Mr. Priyesh Shah


  1. Company/Brand/Product/Event: COIN BAZAAR


  1. Website link: CoinBazaar.in


  1. Links of all your Social Media Accounts:  www.instagram.com/coin_bazaar ; www.facebook.com/coinbazaar.in


  1. Products/Services/Event You Offer:  


1. Precious Coins & Bars of Platinum, Gold & Silver.

2. Launching Digital Gold [Similar to https://paytm.com/digitalgold ]

3. Launching ‘Pay with DigiGold’ [Check Video Similar to this https://www.safegold.com/candere ]


  1. What is your USP? Only Player in this Bullion Niche, Dedicated for Precious Coins & Bars. 


  1. What is the pain point your brand/product/event solves. –


  1. Making Investment in Gold & Silver on click of button.
  2. Gifting Precious Coins on various Religious Occasion , festivals etc. to loved ones anywhere in India
  3. DigitalGold will help in Investing in Gold without worrying about its Storage Risk


  1. What are your immediate objectives?


To create position of CoinBazaar.in as a Go To platform for any need of Gold / Silver / Platinum Coins & Bars in Physical or Digital Form.


  1. What is your mission statement?

To be most Trusted Online Platform in India for Precious Coins & Bars from Generation to Generation one family at a Time.



  1. How is your product/service/Event different from the others?

‘LIVE’ Pricing is very important when we talk of Gold price and Silver price. CoinBazaar is the only platform in India which works on LIVE pricing and prices are refreshed every 15 minutes for Physical & Digital Gold / Silver.


  1. Who is your target audience?

Men/Women/Corporates looking to buy Gold/Silver in form of Physical Coins/Bars for Gifting & even those looking to Invest in physical / Digital Gold.


  1. What is your ideal target audience’s persona in brief?

Online Buyers, People looking for Cashback/Redeem their Existing balance of DigiGold, Looking for Gifting Personalized Coins in family, functions, festivals or religious occasions.


  1. Are you targeting prospects from a specific area/locality/city/country?

All India, Tier 1 & 2 cities, Also NRI from Abroad could use it as Gifting in India.


  1. What are the key benefits of your product/service/event?

-          100% Guarantee on Purity

-          Lifetime BuyBack Guarantee

-          Free & Insured Shipping

-          Digital Gold can Redeem with Jewelers

-          Personalize & Gift anywhere in India


  1. Please state the purpose of your product/service/event?

Safe Investment for Growth.

Gifting Precious Metal.

Security against future uncertainty.

Saving for Childs Wedding.


  1. What are the key features of your product/service/event?

-          Top Bullion Brands available with their Best Products

-          One point contact for Customer Service & Support

-          Trusted since 2012 and the only Bullion Platform in India

-          1000+ varieties and options to choose from for customizing & personalizing


  1. What is your Big Promise (what exactly are we promising to your audience) through your product/ service/event?
    1. 100% Genuine Products
    2. Most Competitive Rates
    3. Secured Delivery to Doorstep
    4. Lifetime Buyback Guarantee
    5. Safety of Gold kept in Locker when bought in Digital Gold form


  1. Are there any other emotional motivators we need to consider for reaching out to your target audience? Anything that will appeal to them at an emotional level, which will make them feel that yes, this IS THE opportunity they just HAVE to avail?

-          LIVE & TRANSPARENT prices gives opportunity to buy at lower prices and sell at higher prices to make good money from investing in Gold

-          Digital Gold option is amazing way to buy Gold & save on making & assaying charges of Coins & Bars

-          Your Savings will be helpful in any future calamity or uncertainty or catastrophy

-          Can redeem Digital Gold anywhere in India, in case you have to relocate / shift / gift

-          Loyalty Rewards in Cashback for every purchase

-          Referral Benefits when referred to others



  1. State your target audiences’ fears?  (Answer, if you feel there are any which may affect your audiences in their decision process)

-          Trust & Genuineness of Products

-          Safe Delivery of Gold & Silver

-          Price Volatility and Uncertainty  


  1. What keeps your prospective client up at night? (What is the #1 pain s/he is facing?)

-          Theft of Gold lying in locker [ Thus Digital Gold Product]

-          Natural Calamity & Evacuate Home [ Thus can Diversify Investment in Gold as its universally acceptable and get best price ]

-          Son’s / Daughter’s wedding where tradition demands use of Gold Jewelry for them and family members

-          Special Days like Birthday, Anniversary etc. of closed one coming & not yet decided the Gift.  [ Can gift something Unique & Precious which itself will appreciate in Value ]

-          Tough Business Conditions or Family Needs [ Can get Loan against Gold as Security ]


  1. How does your product/service/event solve that key pain/gap? Please be detailed

Mentioned a few in Bracket above. Additionally historically Gold has always increased in Value and is considered as Safe Heaven globally. Gifting Gold/Silver is a Tradition in many religion and festivals, thus Systematic Saving in Gold helps to execute such responsibilities.


  1. What is the #1 motivation for your client to opt in to /buy your product/service or attend your event after reading the content we write for you?

-          Unique Gifting Options in Precious Coins & Bars

-          To Own Platinum/Gold/Silver Coins sitting at home without anyone knowing about it


  1. How do you see your value proposition addressing that motivation? Please be detailed

-          At CoinBazaar there are more than 1000+ varieties range starting from Rs.350 onwards

-          Customer Support and Point of Contact to address any Special Requirement or Issue

-          Free Shipping. If any Issue in Product / Loss in Transit etc. all responsibility of Coinbazaar, so customers need not work while buying Gold/Silver Online.

-          Discounts on Bank Transfers/Loyalty Rewards etc. make the Price Lowest & Most Competitive to Invest in the coins via CoinBazaar


  1. In your view Who are your immediate competitors? Please share their URL’s

-          Marketplace like Amazon/Flipkart/Paytm

-          Local Jewellers


  1. Why should people choose you over other competitors? 

-          For Price Advantage & Trust of Platform , as at CoinBazaar client knows & can talk to Customer Service Executives who have knowledge of Precious Coins/Bars.

-          Can buy without going to jeweler or making anyone know about their purchase. Same applies when they want to Sell their Gold Coins or Silver Coins. Privacy & Trust makes them come to CoinBazaar.in – Their Online Local Jeweler specialized in Precious Coins & Bars.


  1. Please highlight anything exclusive, eye-catching your competitors are offering, where you feel you may have to optimize your value proposition to overcome the competition?  

-          Cashback & Rewards by using Credit Cards with Tie-up with Credi Card Companies

-          Giving Digital Gold as Cahback

-          Heavy Outdoor & Online Marketing as they have deep pockets


  1. From the prospective clients’/customers’ perspective (POV):
    What makes you the ‘Right One’ to buy from?

-          Have been there since 2012 as a Niche Platform for Bullion

-          Can Deliver with Exclusive Packaging & Gifting Options with Personalized Messages and Pictures

-          Options to choose from Multiple Coins:-

o   Metals [ Platinum, Gold, Silver, Panchadhatu, Titanium]

o   Grams [0.1gm to 1kg]

o   Purity [916 to 999.9 Grams]

-          International Coins exclusively available for Collectors & Limited Edition Coin Collectors  


  1. Could you share in brief with links/examples of your favorite Ad Campaigns/ Strategy etc that you may have come across with reference to your brand/product/service/event segment? 





  1. Do you have any design/visual/written communication examples that you would like us to aspire towards? Please share reference links

-          No Visuals but Richness of Owning / Gifting Precious Coins in Physical /Digital form.

  1. What are the obstacles and objections that need to be overcome for success? For example, are you asking your audience to switch brands… try something totally new… try something unknown?

-          Try buying coins online and switch from local jeweler

-          Asking them to look at options and brands before going for few basic coins which local jeweler has in stock

-          Trying to make Coin Gifting more Personalized and Precious by Branding / Packaging Options for Individuals and Corporates for any of their requirements to be executed anywhere in India


  1. How well does your audience know you? (Nationally, internationally, specific city or region)

-          Mainly India, but want to target Indians staying abroad who can save in Gold in India

-          City wise:-



% Users





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New Delhi


























  1. Do you have any brand communication guidelines that need to be adhered to? (Visual, packaging, written, logo etc) – yes/no  - Nothing as such. Can be Decided Mutually.


  1. Has your brand/you/product/service/event received any online/offline PR coverage in the past? – yes/no – Yes, shared some above, also looking at how to get recognized on Wiki.