RSBL Platinum Bar Of 100 Gram 999 Purity Fineness
RSBL Platinum Bar Of 100 Gram 999 Purity Fineness
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RSBL Platinum Bar Of 100 Gram 999 Purity Fineness
RSBL Platinum Bar Of 100 Gram 999 Purity Fineness

RSBL Platinum Bar Of 100 Gram 999 Purity Fineness

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Buy Online RSBL Platinum Bar Of 100 Gram 999 Purity Fineness


Platinum Bar Of 100 Gram 999 Purity Fineness

Precious Metal Pure Platinum
RSBL Certified Yes
Metal Weight 100 Gram
Purity / Fineness 999
Brand RSBL
Certi Card Packing Yes
Purpose Ideal for Savings , Gifting , Investment

About Product

This Product on Front Side has the Brand Name RSBL with the Weight 100Gram / Hundred Grams. The Front Side clearly shows the weight 100 Gram of the Product. The Letters on the Product are small due to Small size of the Bar.

The Back side contains the Purity of the Coin as 999 in a Grid of Lines. The Back Side gives the uniform design of all RSBL Platinum Bars.

Platinum is an Expensive Metal. platinum is the heaviest of the precious metals, weighing almost twice as much as karat gold. It's color, which mixes well with gold, and its resistance to tarnish and wear, make it an excellent choice in the crafting of fine jewelry. Platinum Bar are convenient ways to invest in platinum because they carry the smallest premiums of the platinum investment products.

Platinum is the metal of the future. It is growing to become a cherished precious metal for jewelry and other applications. This precious metal’s make an excellent investment and corporate gifting option because of its beauty and exclusivity. 

We offer affordable Platinum Bar Prices which will make excellent corporates gift for important customers, and also lucrative future investments for yourself.  You can chose high quality Platinum Bars in different size denominations of 1 Grams2 Grams5 Grams10 Grams20 Grams , 1 Ounce and 50 Grams.

Platinum, the prestigious and expensive white metal has always been valued higher than gold. The continued expansion of advanced and developing economies has caused demand for the metal to grow at a faster pace than it is being mined.

The volatile conditions of the market leave a great opportunity for the rise in demand and rates of platinum in the future. Though there is a slump in its current value, this metal has the highest potential to earn returns if invested in today. So it is perhaps, the best opportunity to invest in Platinum, as it's value will be better appreciated than gold in the future.

The Coin Comes in a Orange Color Blister Packing. The Platinum Coin gleam in the Orange Tamper proof Blister Packing. The Blister Packing contain the Certifying authority name that is the RSBL Brand. So the coin comes in the Certified Blister and Tamper proof packing to you. 

To safeguard the investment of buyers, We also offers “Buy Back” facility on the purchase of Platinum.

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