Commemorative Coins – An Alternate Investment Avenue

Let’s first understand what are commemorative coins?

These are coins with a design honoring or as a reminder of a specific person, place or event. Over a period of time the Imagination and Designing Team of Commemorative Coins have evolved and today the meaning of Commemorative Coins even includes animals, rare species, real discoveries, Disney & Marvel characters etc. Commemorative Coins are loved by collectors and each collector follows a specific pattern of collecting commemorative coins. Some may be fond of Animals, Birds, History, Geography, Personalities or Virtual Characters the collection is infinite.

Commemorative coins are available in two varieties - Proof and Uncirculated. Proof coins are specially made coins of the highest quality, having first-rate mirror finish contrasting with frosting on the relief (the raised portion in a coin), and are therefore of higher value.

Precious Metal Commemorative Coins are the ones which we are discussing. The metal used in minting these coins includes Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Titanium, Iridium etc.   

Why an Investment Option?

Logically since these are rare items with limited edition and can't be reproduced, the value will only Increase with the rise in demand. It is ideal to diversify your portfolio and as more collectors are getting interested and the supply is comparatively less, it can be a very good investment channel for investors who are looking for long-term gains.

Investment in coins can co-exist or supplement your traditional portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. However, it is important to remember that coins can give substantial returns only in the long-term. This is because of several factors like demand-supply gap, currency difference, also collector wants’ to complete the missing series or set etc.

How can one start collecting Commemorative Coins?

Following are some of the classification or factors which will help you understand different types of Commemorative Coins:-

  1.      Based on Country
  2.      Based on Mint
  3.      Based on Features
  4.      Based on Theme

A collector should concentrate on one particular feature, theme, year or subject such as Animals, Airplanes, Animals, Love Emotional Feelings, 3D Coins, Disney or Marvel Characters, Glow in the Dark, History etc. to begin. Joining a collector’s society and being in this circuit can help in gaining much more knowledge on the subject. Below are few collections to begin with:-

Good Luck Coins:-


Antique Finish Coins:-


Butterfly Theme:-