10 Reasons why you should buy Gold Coins


There are many reasons why you should buy gold coins but below are the Top 10 reasons which will help you make your decision with ease:  

1. Old is Gold: Gold has been holding a value for over 3000 years without much deflection therefore the saying “Old is Gold” has a lot of weight to it. The historical paradigm of Gold makes it a very viable and trustable asset.

2. Safe Haven Asset: Gold serves the purpose of behaving like a hedge against economic uncertainties, during these uncertainties and inflation, the value of other assets decreases but the value of gold increases.

3. Steady Return: People invest in assets so they get a good return but sometimes due to uncertainties the steady returns become unsteady, however for Gold it is observed to give a steady return over a longer period of time.

4. Future Security: One of the most important reason why India consumes a lot of Gold is because Indians care about their future as soon as they start earning, buying gold for investment and gifting comes with the added benefit of security.

 5. Low Making Charges: To get maximum return on investment it is a wise option to buy Gold with lowest miscellaneous charges such as making charges. Jewellery does not serve the purpose due to the making charges and the intricate designs, however gold coins have lower making charges which makes them a preferred choice for investments.

6. Easy To Store: Storing Gold is not a hard thing as it may sound, you can store it at a safe, in a bank locker or in-house safe.

 7. Easy To Liquidate: Converting Gold to cash is no longer a hard job, you can always take advantage of the buy back guarantee where you can sell your gold back to the seller, other ways including selling at a local jeweller or cash for gold shops.

 8. Easy To Understand: For investors who don’t want to overspend time thinking about the statistical reasoning behind the value of the commodities or stocks , Gold is the best option. 

 9. Gold For All: Gold coins are available in 22 Karat and 24 Karat purity, buying 24 Karat gold is the most preferred choice by the customers, but 22 Karat Gold coins can be bought if Gold is new to someone.

 10. Physical Over Paper Gold: Gold is available in various formats such as paper form like ETF’s and bonds and it is also available in physical format in the form of coins and bars. Physical gold will provide the assurance because it is not bound by any contract the same way bonds are bounded, hence physical metals are not only safe but the best option in which Gold should be bought.